A perfect wedding day at Penha Longa…

A perfect wedding day at Penha Longa…

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‘As soon as we saw it we knew we had to get married here!’

This was the exclamation when Luisa was asked ‘Why choose Penha Longa for your wedding?’ and there is no doubt about it – the beautiful 16th century chapel has to be one of the most amazing places to get married in Portugal.

If I could swing a golf club properly (let’s just say the results are ‘random’) I would say it’s about 3 good shots and a putt from the luxury 5 star resort hotel to this special wedding venue. The historic Catholic church is nestled amongst all of the other elements for the perfect wedding day – vaulted dining rooms, perfectly manicured gardens, ornate function rooms – all surrounding a cloistered coutyard.

If you add to that three generations of a ridiculously happy family and all of their closest friends you can only get one result: a fantastic wedding day for Luisa, Adam and little Francesca.

From the moment the first bottle of pink champagne lost its cork we knew it would be a fun day. There was tons of laughter, a few emotional tears and a whole lot of celebrating…

Luisa and Adam were stylish and calm (mostly), the bridesmaids (expertly delivered to the ceremony by a convoy of golf carts) were all very glamourous (and at times hilarious) and the immaculately presented groomsmen were charming and handsome, obviously trusted and loyal friends. The exchanging of vows and rings was heartfelt and sincere. Registers were signed followed by a stunning reception in the ‘Jardim das Adens’. Whilst delicious food was prepared, delicious cocktails were embibed. The mood became lighter, the sun drifted down and the party spirit began to show itself.

A great day in a perfect location!

We also had the privilege of working with vipweddings who are a talented and professional video team that specialise in weddings.

We would also like to mention the events team at Penha Longa who provided an impecable service throughout the day.

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