Wedding transport in Portugal

Wedding transport in Portugal

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How did I get here…?

Not necessarily the big question about life the Universe and everything. More ‘How do I get to my wedding ceremony?’ (preferably whilst still looking exceptionally glamourous and not arriving ‘too’ late!) and how do we leave in the perfect way to start our new lives together?


The options are evidently endless: in the last few years we’ve seen giggling bridesmaids on golfcarts at Penha Longa, a splendid array of vintage and classic cars and even a custom painted tuktuk that came from Lisbon to the cobbled streets of Cascais.


A horse-drawn carriage ride around the beautiful historic world of Sintra may be the obvious favourite for classic wedding transport. But for me? I may have been tempted by a beach wedding, arriving in a campervan with a couple of surfboards on the roof. But that would have to be open for discussion. Obviously…


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